Five Home Office Design Tips

Five Home Office Design Tips

Liz on 22nd Sep 2020

If you're one of the millions currently working from home due to Covid, you may be getting fed up with your "make do" home office. That hastily set up work space deserves a much needed upgrade.

Now that remote working is becoming the new norm, it's time to set up a home office space that is both functional and beautiful. When you work in a space that utilized ergonomics and you aesthetically enjoy, your focus, concentration and performance is likely boosted.

Here are five home office design tips to get your work from home space looking and functioning it's best.

1. Set up near natural light. Nothing can boost your mood more during the work day that having natural sunlight nearby. Find a window that gets good mid day sun to keep your circadian rhythm on track. If you can't make that happen, investing in a good light box can do wonders for your mood - especially now that the days are getting shorter.

2. Utilize the properties of ergonomics. In order to feel comfortable in your work from home office space, you need to make sure you're following the rules of ergonomics. This post details everything you need to know to make sure ergonomics are optimized. 

3. Incorporate movement into your space. Studies show we work better when we are able to keep our bodies in motion. This holds especially true when you're working from home and work easily bleeds into your home life. Using a motion office chair like Swopper is a great way to keep your body moving throughout the day.

4. Keep it free from clutter. When your work space is filled with clutter it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It's important to keep your desk area free from unnecessary papers, wires and lunch dishes. Each day as your work day ends, make a point to clear the space so you can start in the morning with harmony.

5. Add fresh plants or flowers. Fresh plants are a great way to bring some life to your home office. Plus they have the added benefit of cleansing your office air! Succulents are great, low commitment plants to start with. 

Follow these simple tips to take your home office from drab to welcoming. You deserve to have a welcoming, peaceful place to work from home.