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  • Muvman Stool - Blue Seat, Grey Base - Motion Seating Stool
Weight capacity 265lbs
  • Muvman Stool in Black vinyl (MUVMAN FACTORY) - Sit to Stand Chair 
Weight capacity 265lbs
  • Muvman Chair - Green Seat, Grey Base - Height adjustable chair
Weight capacity 265lbs
  • Muvman chair - Red Seat, Black Base - Sit to stand motion chair
Weight capacity 265lbs
  • Muvman stool - Grey Seat, Grey Base - Standing stool 
Weight capacity 265lbs
  • Underneath the seat of the Muvman - both buttons activate the lift on the chair. Standard 20" - 33" tall


$959.00 $599.00
(You save $360.00)
20.00 LBS

Product Description

We bring movement into sitting. aeris-life-in-motion.jpg

Alternate sitting and standing. Always on the move. That is the secret of the Muvman stool. Thanks to the patented flexzone® technology the Muvman gives you support whenever you need it. And freedom of movement when you want it. That is comfortable. That is healthy. That is sitting as it ought to be.


Leaning towards the perfect posture.

The Muvman stool is tilted forward. This means you can always be at an optimum distance to your working surface regardless of your height and physique.

Find your equilibrium.

Muvman is an intelligent seat that gives you proper support without causing pressure points. With lots of practical details, such as the grip for easy carrying of the seat, the Muvman stool is the ideal ergonomic office chair. The sleek look for Muvman, a design that has won national and international awards, rivals any modern office chairs. 

Extended height adjustment range.

You can quickly and easily adjust your sitting height to anywhere between 20 - 33"

Also available in the Tall version (currently only with Black base and Black seat) - 23.5 to 36" tall.

Sitting advantages like no other:

  • 4° forward tilt of the spring strut: This means that you always sit at an optimum distance to your working surface - regardless of your height and physique. The Muvman stool prevents you from hunching your back as easily happens when sitting high.
  • Comfortable, super soft seat:
    No congestion of the blood circulation thanks to a flexible, adaptable seat edge.
  • Movement comes from the joint in the baseplate:
    This keeps your hips free and flexible and your leg muscles active, while improving the transport of blood back from the legs to the heart.
  • Stable baseplate:
    The non-slip, non-scratch rubber rim gives you firm support.
  • Practical grip:
  • For easy carrying of the Muvman wherever you want to go.


More movement in everyday life in the office.

Running, jumping, bending, stretching, stooping, ducking, squatting and lying. The range of human movement is enormous. But modern daily life forces us to spend most of our time sitting. Our musculoskeletal system is thus permanently underchallenged and classical diseases of civilization take the upper hand. But we can fight against this trend by making more movement possible in everyday life. Especially when sitting! 

Greater sitting comfort. And that at any height.

The spring strut of the Muvman stool is tilted forward ergonomically and has a great height adjustment range from standard to high desk heights. The variable standing/sitting seat has a stable baseplate with non-slip, non-scratch rubber rim. The padded seat also feels really good with its velvety microfiber fabric surface that is pleasant to the touch. It is temperature-equalizing and breathable. For that extra special sitting comfort. Furthermore, the Muvman has an adaptable front seat edge, an automatic seat return function and a practical carrying grip.


Cleaning & care instructions.

  • Optimum care is ensured by using just water and pH neutral soapsuds. Stains containing oil and fat should be treated beforehand with ethyl alcohol.
  • Rinse with clear water after each cleaning treatment. Never use chlorinated detergents.
  • Only dampen the seat and never make it completely wet, otherwise the cushioning under the fabric might be damaged. Therefore use only very small amounts of water and detergent.
  • Avoid marks by cleaning from the edge of the seat to the middle.

muvman is manufactured byaeris logo of large red circle with the words Life in Motion to the left

Product Videos

Active Seating - Overview of The Via Muvman® 02:31

Active seating is meant to keep you engaged and moving while at your desk. The Muvman is the perfect way to easily alternate between sitting and standing and is a perfect accessory for any standing desk.

  • Active Seating...
    Active seating is meant to keep you engaged and moving while a...
  • muvman adjustm...
    How to adjust your muvman chair.
  • How to Move on...

Warranty Information

swopper.com warranty

This warranty is given to the initial purchaser and is valid for as long as the product
is owned by the original purchaser. This warranty is in effect from the date of original
sale and covers defects in materials and craftsmanship found during normal single shift
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of God will be covered.
applicable warranty periods

Muvman – 3 years for materials and function of all original parts.

o Normal wear and tear, abuse, fading and COM/COL
o Matching of colors, patterns or dye lot
warranty claims

o Please do not return the product without prior authorization from swopper.com
o Please send a written notification of the defect to swopper.com along with a
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Product Reviews

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  1. minimalist’ design

    Posted by Brenda on 1st Mar 2016

    I was looking for a chair that adjusted to a height where it could be used with a standing desk and was easier on the back and legs than a traditional chair. I just ran across the muvman on the web and thought it looked like a good design. I actually just started using it today, and I like it although after years of sitting in a traditional chair, it is taking some getting used to! I like the movement and the tilt, as well as the ‘minimalist’ design, and it feels very durable and is easy to adjust.


    Posted by Becca Borawski Jenkins on 18th Feb 2015

    "The tilt keeps me from putting my entire weight on the seat, so my legs remain engaged and this position reminds me to sit tall. In addition, the loose movement of the chair keeps me from totally relaxing."

    Full write up from BREAKING MUSCLE http://breakingmuscle.com/reviews/wobble-in-your-office-chair-to-combat-the-effects-of-sitting

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