Holiday Gift Guide : Motion Office Chairs For Working From Home

Holiday Gift Guide : Motion Office Chairs For Working From Home

Liz on 7th Dec 2020

The holidays are upon us and as Covid continues to spread, more and more people are working from home for the foreseeable future. This means it's become imperative for anyone remote working to have a great home office set up - complete with a motion office chair. 

A motion office chair will bring the benefits of ergonomics to your home office. When you give someone a motion chair for the holidays, you're investing in their wellness, back health, work performance and sense of innovation.

This year we have several ergonomic home office chairs available to give as gifts, so we created the below gift guide to help you choose which chair is best for the people on your list.

1. The Innovator: New 2021 Swopper

Do you have someone on your holiday list that loves to be at the forefront of new trends and innovations? Then the new line of 2021 Swoppers is the best bet for them. Swopper is unlike any other chair in that it lets you move in three dimensions while you work - bounce, tilt, sway and spin. It's truly a modern, fresh take on your traditional office chair that is sure to impress your trend setter.

2. The Fitness Lover: Muvman Sit to Stand Stool

Muvman is the best choice for anyone on your list who loves to be physically active - especially if they already use a standing desk set up. Science shows the healthiest way to sit is to move between sitting, standing and perching. Muvman allows you to easily adjust the height between a desk or counter height, so it literally moves with you. The 4 degree forward tilt and slightly moveable joint, means you're always at the ideal ergonomic distance to your desk, while your hips remain open. Wow your fitness enthusiast with a Muvman stool.

3. The CEO Type: 3Dee Active Office Chair

Know someone who is a natural leader and thrives in a traditional office environment? The 3Dee is the perfect chair for them. It combines the innovative three dimensional movement of Swopper, but with a semi-high back and adjustable lumbar support to provide conscious relaxation between movements. 3Dee is made with luxury in mind and is truly a chair fit for a CEO.

4. The Creative Mind: Oyo The Chair

If you're buying for a creative genius, then Oyo is your best bet. It's pure innovation. Part cantilever chair, part rocking chair and all around pure fun, Oyo is perfect for the person who can't sit still. It encourages you to adopt many different sitting positions - forward, backwards and side saddle. Oyo is the type of chair that immediately strikes a conversation when anyone sees it.  

Help reinvigorate your your loved ones work from home situation with a motion office chair. Sitting in motion is shown to improve our circulation, which boosts concentration and focus. Plus bouncing and swaying while you work is just fun, which is something we could all use a little more of right now.

Any questions about which chair to buy this holiday season? Reach out to our customer service team any time at

Happy Holidays!