Five Reasons to Fall in Love with the 3Dee Motion Chair

Five Reasons to Fall in Love with the 3Dee Motion Chair

Liz on 19th Jan 2021

Across the world workers are facing the fact that they're in it for the long-haul when it comes to working from home. The COVID pandemic has altered the way we work likely forever. More people than ever are leaning into investing into their home office set up in order to optimize their work from home performance.

Here are Swopper USA, one chair we seem to be getting the most questions about lately is the 3Dee. People what to know what this chair is all about, why we've discounted it right now and what the difference is between it and our other motion chairs. Here are five facts about 3Dee that may help clear up any questions.

1. 3Dee features the same movement as Swopper. Yes, 3Dee lets you bounce, tilt, sway and spin in the same way Swopper does. This three dimensional movement is the key to keeping your posture aligned, back pain alleviated and mental focus on point. 

3Dee office chair

2. The main difference between 3Dee and Swopper is that 3Dee has a back. Many people are hesitant to jump right into sitting in motion and abandoning the chair back they've grown accustomed to. This is where 3Dee comes in. It combines the benefits of motion, but also has a semi-high back and adjustable lumbar support, which allows for conscious relaxation between movements. 

3. It has the styling of a more traditional office chair. Many of our motion chairs have very modern aesthetics, which some people love. Yet others are looking for more of a traditional office chair style, which is where 3Dee is a good fit. Most people don't even know 3Dee is a motion chair upon first look. It's when they sit on it for the first time that their eyes light up in surprise at how their body is in motion. 

4. 3Dee features a breathable, plush seat. The seat on 3Dee is made up of five functional layers using special, high-tech cushioning and a climate-active cover create a feather-soft sitting experience. When you sit on 3Dee, you'll experience a breathable, pressure-relieving and heat-regulating seat.

3Dee motion chair

5. It is our most high-end, luxe chair. 3Dee is truly made for anyone who wants the absolute best. When we think of the 3Dee, we think of a CEO, entrepreneur, creative thinking BOSS. 3Dee makes a statement is the ideal chair for anyone with big plans for their career.

If you've considered a 3Dee for yourself, don't delay much longer. Inventory is very low on this chair and we currently do not have plans to restock it in 2012. We are working to clear out the last of our inventory at 68% off, which is the absolute lowest price you will find on this ergonomic chair.